Hitched and pregnant and puff… a baby

My little brother and wife got hitched in May 2015 and shortly after the wife got pregnant. LIKE O.M.G,,,, how did some people do that?? Get pregnant like 2 weeks or a month after the wedding?? So as the rule of human physiology states, my sister–in–law popped after 40 weeks and goshhhh she delivered a healthy, and HANDSOME baby boy. The whole big family rejoiced and he immediately became the apple of our eyes.

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My baby brother… has A BABY!!

The thing about babies is, they grow so fast right in front of our eyes. First, they are tiny cranky weepy little fella and the next day they are all grown up and you have to send them to college. Then, before you know it, they want to get married. OKAYYY maybe not that fast but you guys get what I meant right?

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My darling nephews… Tengku Athaar Ismara and Tengku Aish Amrol
Cutie pie
Don’t you ever grow up cute little thing

After 6 months, this one already looking so macho…

Whatchaa lookin’ at?

I told you babies grow up very fast.